SKUFF Makes Your Shoes Dirt and Water Repellent!


SKUFF applies a clear protective finish that water-proofs, stain-proofs, and dirt-proofs shoes!

SKUFF repels water, dirt, and stains completely – they never even touch your shoes.  When applied, SKUFF forms a clear film over the surface of shoes that acts like a barrier against dirt and liquids.  Water and staining liquids bead up on SKUFF while dirt simply wipes off.  By using SKUFF, you’ll be able to completely “proof” your shoes all with one product – making them waterproof, stainproof, dirtproof, and even scuffproof!

  • Repel Water, Dirt, And Stains!

  • SKUFF will repel stains, water, mud, and dirt from your shoes so they stay clean, dry, and looking new for longer. SKUFF forms a clear coat finish on shoes that prevents stains, water, mud, and dirt from sinking in and keeps your shoes clean, dry, and looking new. When everything doesn't sink in and soak through, you can just wipe it off the clear coat. Your shoes never get stained, wet, or dirty because SKUFF finishes your shoe and repels stains, water, and mud.

  • Stain And Water Repellent Shoes And Leather!

  • Stain and Water Repellent
  • SKUFF not only protects against wear and tear, but also from the elements. SKUFF forms a heavy duty water repellent barrier that protects against water, dirt, and damage as well. Shoes get dirty all the time, and SKUFF was made for shoes. It prevents damage from daily use, repels water and dirt, and resists the elements to keep you clean and dry.

  • Repel Water, Dirt, and Stains!

  • SKUFF forms a clear protective "skin" over the surface of your shoes and leather goods that repels water, dirt, and stains. We get dirty in our day to day grind, so we take a shower. Your stuff doesn't always get cleaned though, so the dirt and grime end up soaking in. With SKUFF, you can let it soak in and remove it later to keep your stuff looking new.

  • Water Repellent So You Keep Dry!

  • Most water repellent sprays simply add a layer of silicone to the surface to repel water and cause it to bead up. SKUFF does that and more. SKUFF forms a clear barrier against water that blocks it from passing through entirely. Instead of just beading up, SKUFF will cause water to run off entirely, because it will form a completely impermeable coat over the surface.

  • How to Waterproof Your Shoes and Leather!

  • The Newest and Best Way to Waterproof Shoes!
  • The traditional method of waterproofing shoes and leather involves either wax polish or silicone treatments. Both require continuous application - in a matter of days or weeks at best - to provide you with any waterproofing benefits at all. The new way to waterproof shoes is to use a clear, flexible, and durable protective finish to provide a longer lasting barrier against water, dirt, and stains.

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