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Want to Make a Cut and Help SKUFF?  Here’s How…

We love affiliates – if you’re willing to help SKUFF, we’re willing to make you happy doing it.  So, we provide you with generous wholesale pricing, brochures, banners, text links, media, and anything you need to make some money for both of us.


Affiliate Signup & Login

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Affiliate Program Highlights

You can talk about SKUFF on your blog or put a banner ad in your online store – and if we get any customers, you get your share of the sale.  SKUFF offers domain owners, bloggers, and online stores the ability market SKUFF and we pay you for any customers you send our way.


15% to 60%+
Based on the quantity of sales you generate.  The more customers your refer, the more they buy, the more you earn.  How ’bout that? NOTE: See Payout Levels below.

Cookie Life

365 Days
If a customer purchases within this period after you refer them to us, then you get paid.  You refer, 354 days later the customer buys, you still get the credit.

Payout Cycle

2 Weeks
You refer some customers, the buy some SKUFF, you get paid every 2 weeks – automatically to your PayPal account.  Your welcome!

Payout Minimum

When you reach this minimum in commissions, we disperse your funds every payout cycle.

Available Tools

Banner ads (15+ sizes), text links, page peels, lightboxes, etc.  Request additional dimensions (for banner ads), links, etc. through Contact page – with lead time from 1-2 weeks.


Payout Levels

Referred Sales / Month

Commission Percentage

Your Payout

<$100 15% $15.00
$100+ 20% $40.00
$200+ 25% $75.00
$300+ 30% $120.00
$400+ 35% $175.00
$500+ 40% $240.00
$600+ 45% $315.00
$700+ 50% $400.00
$800+ 55% $495.00
$900+ 60% $600.00
$1000+ Contact Us

NOTE: These payout levels may change at any time.  However, payout levels for affiliates who join will never be reduced below the current levels when they join.  In other words, affiliates who sign up later may receive lower payout levels, but the payout levels for affiliates who sign up today can never go down from the levels above.

An Affiliate Story

SKUFF contacted a member of a popular forum to become an affiliate.  After receiving a sample and testing it, the member agreed and posted a recommendation of SKUFF – with an affiliate text link to the website – on a forum thread related to caring for shoes.  The readers of the forum read the post, followed the link, and purchased SKUFF over the website.  The member affiliate ended up referring 8 customers who purchased $250 of SKUFF in one day – the member made $62.50 the first day on the first link he posted.  Over the course of a month, that one post referred 23 customers for a total of $675 of SKUFF sales and a commission of more than $200.  In the end, the affiliate made $200 in one month by taking 15 minutes to post a recommendation for SKUFF.


SKUFF has also worked with brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers, bloggers, and even enthusiastic customers to promote SKUFF.  We provide all the materials – you just use them and get your commissions transferred to your PayPal account.  That’s it!